Sunvivo Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd is a leading exporter of Coconut products, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables as well as dried vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs. Some of the popular organic products in the portfolio includes organic coconut water in tetra pack, organic king coconut water, organic virgin coconut oil, organic fresh pineapple and mango. We select products from the finest cultivations, which grows fruits and vegetables with utmost care and with best climatic conditions and transported under stringent quality standards to ensure premium optimum quality, aroma and flavors.

Our products are manufactured under stringent quality standards and are certified with ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certifications. The organic products are certified by (NOP, EU, JAS) by Control Union, Netherlands.

Our Vision

We are a fast evolving leader in ethical harvesting and organic produce to transform your lifestyle into a sustainably healthy one.
We have an intrinsic drive to innovate with care, all the while understanding the growing demand to be healthy in lifestyle and wholesome in food nutrition.
We can make you realize your dream in transforming your lifestyle into one that thrives with good health.

What we offer

With great commitment to quality, we offer our products from the most hygienically grown cultivations and farming practices in an organic environment, without the use of potentially harmful pesticides to ensure utmost nourishment to your lifestyle. Inspired by nature’s essentials, we prepare our virgin coconut oils, coconut water, fresh fruits, vegetables and dried products through innovative care and loving concern to provide wholesomeness to the entire family.